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  • 10 Employees
  • Headquartered in Grand Blanc, MI
  • Health Care & Benefit Consulting

We’ve pioneered a unique approach to managing risk that should be common practice – we put our clients first. We didn’t set out to create the largest insurance brokerage in the world, just the best. That approach has paid off with consistent growth in clients, revenue and service. Large or small, complex or simple, your business challenges demand hands-on, precise solutions and Franklin Benefit Solutions is the partner to provide them – Learn More.

Franklin Benefit Solutions is headquartered in Grand Blanc, MI. We are oriented around a team-based approach that ensures each client receives hands-on service from their Lead-Broker.

Our team has over 100 years of combined insurance experience. Franklin Benefit Solutions was established with the philosophy “We work for our clients and not the Insurance Companies.” By relentlessly pursuing this belief we have earned our clients’ trust and respect. We believe in honesty and integrity. Our clients can rest assured that their best interest will always come first.

HIPAA Certified
NAHU Member
MDAHU Member
BC/BS of Michigan Platinum Agency

As a NAHU member, we are part of an elite group of health insurance professionals — those who have dedicated their careers to the principle that everyone should have adequate and affordable health insurance coverage.

Community Impact

Franklin Benefit Solutions is proud to support the community through volunteerism and direct financial support. We understand the positive impact these organizations have on the people they serve and it’s a pleasure to be a part of their mission.

Our Team

Stacey LaFay, President

Stacey LaFay


Email: stacey@totalfbs.com
Phone: (810) 579-0534

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Responsibilities: Stacey is responsible for the overall leadership of Franklin Benefit Solutions, driving a cultural of empowerment, honesty and professionalism. She has served in all functional capacities on both the carrier and broker advisory side, allowing her to easily align insurance carrier partnership with clients.

Stacey has a reputation for cultivating strong relationships with our clients. She understands their unique needs and cultures, and in turn provides them with personalized solutions to make their benefit operations more valuable.

With extensive experience in group health, carrier and benefit consulting, Stacey advances strategy, design and competitiveness of benefit programs for both public and private-sector organizations. Stacey consistently meets with insurance carrier executives in order to bring a voice to clients’ real world challenges. She brings perspective and insight from the ground zero of the business world helping them meet their goals.

Industry Experience: Since 1996
Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree from Central Michigan University
Duration at Franklin Benefit Solutions: Since 2006

Professional Achievements:

  • Board Member of Greater Detroit National Association of Health Underwriters
  • Member of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Platinum Member
  • Chartered Life Underwriter

Quote: “I voice my expectations that we operate from a position of honesty and integrity, above everything else.”

Personal Interests: Stacey grew up in Swartz Creek, MI and now currently lives in Fenton, MI with her husband Bill and her beloved cats Tonk and Tanner. She enjoys golf, hiking, basketball, reading, traveling with her husband, and relaxing with friends.

Michael C. Spleet, CEO

Michael C. Spleet


Email: mike@totalfbs.com
Phone: (810) 579-0534

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Responsibilities: Michael holds the new business role and provides professional oversight to current clients, including renewal negotiation, insurance funding arrangements, contribution and health analysis. He maintains strong relationships with the health & benefit marketplace to ensure clients are aware of the most current benefit trends and technology.

He offers extensive knowledge in consulting with small and mid-size employers in all aspects of employee health benefits solutions. Mike successfully advises employers in developing competitive benefit plans. His knowledge of funding arrangements, combined with creative plan strategies, drive positive financial results.

Industry Experience: Since 1993
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Economics from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – “Go Blue!”
Duration at Franklin Benefit Solutions: Since 2007

Professional Achievements:

  • Member of Greater Detroit National Association of Health Underwriters
  • Member of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Platinum Member
  • Chartered Life Underwriter
  • Chartered Financial Consultant
  • Registered Health Underwriter

Quote: “The key to a fulfilling and healthy life is accepting personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing.”

Personal Interests: Michael is married to his wife, Kris, and they have one son, Michael III. He is a huge fan of UM football and enjoys golfing, gardening and living a life focused on wellness.

Tom Webber, Compliance Officer

Tom Webber

Compliance Officer

Email: tom@totalfbs.com
Phone: (810) 579-0534

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Responsibilities: Tom is responsible for creating new business development by focusing on compliance solutions. He consults with clients on health and welfare compliance issues regarding eligibility, plan administration, State and Federal regulations including the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

He makes it a priority to have his finger on the pulse of the evolution within the benefit landscape in order to anticipate change and develop effective strategies. Tom accomplishes this by monitoring and analyzing new and ongoing federal and state legislation, as well as reviewing summary plan documents. He performs in-depth research and analysis of labor regulations and ERISA matters in order to help clients choose a strategic option to meet their compliance requirements.

Industry Experience: Since 1998
Education: Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University
Duration at Franklin Benefit Solutions: Since 2007

Professional Achievements:

  • Member Greater Detroit National Association of Health Underwriters
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Platinum Member

Personal Interests: Tom enjoys reading, cooking, arts, politics, history and spending time outdoors.

Connie Gartee, Senior Account Manager

Connie Gartee

Senior Account Manager

Email: connie@totalfbs.com
Phone: (810) 579-0534

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Responsibilities: Connie guides and assists with management of all of our client services, policies and programs for the entire organization. She is responsible for management of client service team members and account management for resolving claims and billing issues for our clients.

Connie leverages her communication skills and benefit knowledge in developing close relationships with insurance carriers helping implement benefits and resolve issues for our clients. She works closely with clients to ensure the most efficient and effective delivery of insurance and benefits services to our clients.

Industry Experience: Since 2006
Education: Attended Mott Community College
Duration at Franklin Benefit Solutions: Since 2007

Professional Achievements:

  • Connie holds licenses through the State of Michigan for Health Insurance and Life Insurance.

Personal Interests: Connie is an active volunteer at the Davison Community Schools. She has been married to Adam Gartee for 20 years, and they have two children together – Jenny and Zoe.

Amanda Hall, Quoting Manager

Amanda Hall

Quoting Manager

Email: amanda@totalfbs.com
Phone: (810) 579-0534

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Responsibilities: Amanda provides quick, accurate quotes in an easy-to-read, client-ready format. She is proficient in quoting technology, proposal tools, and developing side-by-side comparison reporting.

She helps track our clients through the quoting process for accuracy from medical to dental to vision and disability. Amanda puts together proposals that include everything from plan comparison, employee and employer contribution options as well as compliance documents.

Amanda’s sunny personality and upbeat sense of humor helps her navigate and succeed in the conservative world of insurance.

Industry Experience: Worked at Silverton Skin Institute for 15 Years
Education: Amanda holds licenses through the State of Michigan for Health and Life Insurance.
Duration at Franklin Benefit Solutions: Since 2014

Professional Achievements:

  • Amanda holds licenses through the State of Michigan for Health Insurance and Life Insurance.

Personal Interests: Amanda is married to her husband Steve, they have been married twenty years and have two daughters, Mykenzie and Hannah. Amanda and her family like to spend their time relaxing with friends up-north at Higgins Lake, boating and swimming or camping at their seasonal campsite in Merrill during the summer and fall.

Jillian Piotraczk, Quoting & Renewal Coordinator

Jillian Piotraczk

Quoting & Renewal Coordinator

Email: jillian@totalfbs.com
Phone: (810) 579-0534

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Responsibilities: Jillian Piotraczk is our quoting & renewal coordinator who partners with Amanda Hall to assist in preparing insurance renewals and benefit analysis for review.

She uses her detail-oriented skills to coordinate insurance quotes from insurance carriers and our agent team to help them pick the best plans. Jillian is responsible for developing and preparing requests for proposals and ensuring our client receive timely and accurate information.

Jillian conducts herself with confidence making sure our clients feel in control of the renewal timeline process and never feel rushed to make a decision. Her outstanding project management skills are key when working with clients from the moment they receive their insurance renewal through the quoting process and ending with the final decision and implementation.

Industry Experience: 3 years
Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Michigan – Flint
Duration at Franklin Benefit Solutions: Since 2015

Professional Achievements:

  • Jillian holds licenses through the State of Michigan for Health Insurance and Life Insurance.

Personal Interests: Jillian met her fiancé, Brent, in college. The two of them live together with their Dapple Dachshund Jaxon. They love to spend their time up north in East Tawas or camping, especially in the beautiful Upper Peninsula.

Brittany Lehman, Employee Navigator Specialist

Brittany Lehman

Employee Navigator Specialist

Email: brittany@totalfbs.com
Phone: (810) 579-0534

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Responsibilities: Brittany has strong technical and problem solving skills, which translate well in helping our clients in the day-today administration of their benefit plans. In addition, she produces and edits our employee benefit guides for clients.

She manages our HR/Benefits/ Compliance administrative web-based software system. Having a skill set for details, Brittany helps clients centralize benefits and HR records online and synchronizing payroll, benefits, onboarding new employees and PTO/vacation tracking.

Industry Experience: Brittany used to work for Anthem Health of Virginia
Education: Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan
Duration at Franklin Benefit Solutions: Since 2017

Personal Interests: Brittany is one of the most “upbeat” people you will ever meet. Her friendly attitude is contagious in our office. She is very passionate about family, friends, her boyfriend Lance, and her dog “Sweet Dee” a friendly pug. She enjoys crocheting, reading, science-fiction and fantasy and attending Comic-Con. Currently she is expanding her future horizon by studying to be a nurse, where she sits at the top of her class.

Kristen Mills, Employee Navigator Specialist

Kristen Mills

Employee Navigator Specialist

Email: kristen@totalfbs.com
Phone: (810) 579-0534

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Responsibilities: When Kristen walked confidently through our front door six years ago to begin working for us, you could tell that she could handle any situation we threw at her with professionalism and a wry sense of humor. Kristen is famously known as the office’s “Ray of Sunshine.”

Kristen is responsible for helping service our clients through Employee Navigator and Employee Benefit Guides. She also helps out in the Enrollment & Claims department as needed. In addition she works with our large group clients, keeping them in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Kristen also organizes our bi-monthly office potlucks so that we have a chance to all come together and share a meal and get to know each other.

Industry Experience:10 years of medical billing and coding, and 6 years of FBS customer service
Education: Mott Community College for medical billing
Duration at Franklin Benefit Solutions: Since 2012

Personal Interests: She lives in Grand Blanc with her husband Roger and her two children, Micah (10) and Noelle (8). Kristen spends most of her time taking her kids to hockey practice/games and figure skating practice/competitions. She also enjoys cooking, and is considered to be an expert at baking, with her signature dishes being banana bread and Christmas goodies. To unwind at the end of a long day, she likes to watch “old” 90s TV shows like Seinfeld and Friends, but also enjoys watching ‘New Girl’ and loves movies.

Breanna Perry, Jr. Account Manager

Breanna Perry

Jr. Account Manager

Email: breanna@totalfbs.com
Phone: (810) 579-0534

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Responsibilities: Breanna works with our customer service team in helping our clients resolve their claims, billing and day-to-day benefit administration issues. Her knowledge, professional demeanor, and experience in healthcare administration make life easier for our clients. She helps them break through the red tape with positive results.

She is passionate about healthcare, “the healthcare of the future will be passionate about serving the needs of the customer, focusing on human issues – empathy, understanding, listening, insight and treating people with the mind, body and spirit all involved.”

Breanna has successfully serviced a wide range of clients from the hospital setting to the physician’s office. She has knowledge and varied background in patient advocacy, medical terminology, client privacy, and HIPAA regulations.

Industry Experience: Breanna worked for a surgeon’s office, she specialized in medical chart preparation and patient scheduling.
Duration at Franklin Benefit Solutions: Since 2018

Personal Interests: Breanna has two children, Ethan (5) and Addison (2). She enjoys outdoor fun with her boyfriend and children including camping, bonfires and fishing.